Joost Blatter

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 18

Joost Blatter
Creative Product Strategist
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Breda

I am a curious creative strategist with a big passion for game design, creative production and venture building. I love to work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and organisations on the verge of starting new adventures. Clearing the way for creative challenges, explorations and (awesome) digital productions.

I studied Art Academy for Virtual Theatre and Games and finished with a Masters (MA) in game design and development in 2005. A combination bringing me a good blend of experiences, leading creative productions in entertainment (i.e. games and animation), serious games, gamification, sports and creating completely new (digital) products from scratch.

I have a deep curiosity into how things are made and how I can use the good parts of creative processes in the creation of my own. I love to play around with all the knowledge and experience there is and just discover what works (and what doesn't).

I enjoy living in Breda, have a big curiosity to discover new things daily and I'm deeply invested into mastering the art of playing (jazz) saxophone, which is one of those never-ending passions.