Josée Langen

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 12

Josée Langen
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Arnhem

I am a designer, a thinker, a maker. Open minded, communicative, critical and analytical. Always searching for the connection between mind and sensibility.

The human mind and behaviour have always intrigued me. Consumer and customer behaviour has always been, and still is, in fact, a central theme in my work. How does one think, how does one respond, why do human beings act the way they do, and how can we nudge or influence their behavior through communication and design?

Ever since my study (visual communications) I have been an entrepreneur and co-owner of several design agencies. I did additional studies in brand management, reputation management, and neuromarketing. And at this point in time, after about 25 years of experience with clients from all kinds of angles (governmental as well as private sector), I am ready for the ‘next level’. How can I harness my skills, curiosity and passion for the world, just to make it a better place?

If I am not working I love to sing, cook, walk, travel and spend time with friends. I’m married and proud mother of two, almost grown-up sons.