Julia Zirpel

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Julia Zirpel
Fashion Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Munich


I work as a fashion director for MYSELF Magazine in Germany.


I am responsible for the creative and conceptual input and the visual direction of the fashion department - coming up with new ideas every month and making these ideas happen in visual stories, reportages and service themes. My goal is to inspire our readers and make them more confident.



My work is based on trends and creativity: I am trained to recognize trends immediately - fashion trends as well as social developments. My job is it to translate these trends to readers or customers so they can understand them.



Growing up in very different cultural backgrounds (India, Nepal, Germany and the Netherlands) and studying in Berlin and New York I have a global and social view on the fashion industry. For me it is not only about trends but also about the cultural background and meaning of clothes in different cultures.



After working for 20 years in the magazine and fashion business I started with trend analysis, speeches and working as a guest lecturer for a journalism school last year next to my job.



I noticed, stepping out of the box already made a big change for me.



I am curious and want to open up to other fields and combine them to my knowledge of fashion and print. As I believe in the power of collective creativity I am always eager to meet new people from divers backgrounds. Approaching topics in a different way and getting a wider and more global perspective on different subjects is one of my goals.