Julian MacQueen

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 03

Julian MacQueen
CEO Founder
I am based in: Pensacola

My hospitality career began five decades ago with a summer job as a busboy at a resort in Destin, Florida. I founded Innisfree Hotels in 1985, leaving a position as the Executive Vice President of Family Inns of America for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship.

A charismatic leader, I inspire loyalty in my team and a company-wide commitment to outstanding customer service and hospitality. My vision, tenacity and ability to build alliances have resulted in many growth opportunities. Much of Innisfree’s success can be attributed to my mandate of fostering a workplace culture that celebrates creativity, dignity and principled corporate citizenship.

I have been married to Kim MacQueen for four decades and we have two children, Skye and Jonathan, and two grandchildren. I'm a jet and flying boat pilot, a graduate of the University of South Alabama in Psychology and an ardent Crimson Tide fan.