Julio Constantin Luis

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 14

Julio Constantin Luis
Business Unit Manager and Design Lead
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Frankfurt

I was born and raised in Frankfurt as a child of a German mother and a Portuguese father of Indian descent. This heritage helped me walk the line between cultures and shaped the mindset I have today. Always eager to understand both sides of a story and their teller's respective perspectives.

I used to be an official broker at the German stock exchange in the late 1990s fixing government bonds and trading tech stocks when I chose to skip a pretty safe career in finance and jump into what back then seemed to be an adventure with an indistinct future. The early days of the Internet. Following my passion was probably the best decision I ever made in my professional life. And I never looked back.

What started as the web back then became the future of everything. I was lucky to be part of a nimble group at an internet agency, that grew from a handful of people to become the 3rd largest digital agency network in Germany. From helping SMEs to embrace the new digital possibilities to strategically advising large corporations in their digital transformation efforts, I covered pretty much every ground. Being involved early on helped me hone my skills as a digital leader over the last 15+ years.

Although I always used to a human-centred design in my work, it only made sense when I attended an executive school focusing on service design some years ago. That experience connected various dots of my professional journey. I then realized that it was exactly that what I want to do - facilitating systemic interaction between peoples and organizations in the realm of digital technologies. That is what made me join THNK. Taking my creative potential to the next level. Exposing myself to yet another new experience of growth. Learning from like-minded people like my fellow students and the THNK leadership. Bringing real and sustainable change back to my workplace and who knows where else.