Jurjen Rolf

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 06

Jurjen Rolf
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was referred to THNK by Mark Vernooij.



I have developed consumer electronics products at Freecom (external harddrives, USB sticks, MP3 players, internet radios, 2003) and Tomtom (Navigation Devices, 2008). I focus on bringing products from idea to market, as a project manager, being fortunate to travel frequently between Taiwan, China, Germany and the Netherlands - working with the local partners to bring ideas to life.  I love design and have a master degree in Industrial Design Engineering, Innovation Management from the TU Delft. Through the years my role moved more towards product management, product strategy and roadmapping.

I worked as an innovation strategy consultant (Inpaqt, 2009) for small- and medium businesses in the Netherlands, coaching them to find new product categories and innovative work processes. 

In my student years I fell in love with entrepreneurship, and co-founded Tweensense (2000) and 3D Capacity (2007), each desktop virtual reality companies, which offered architects and their customers a way to walk through not-yet-existing buildings and urban areas. 

I founded Fresh Fiber in 2009, which is the first company to sell fully 3-D printed products in retail stores worldwide. Their smartphone- and tablet cases were sold in retail shops in 23 countries, among which the Apple Store. They were acquired by 3D Systems as of 2012. With 3D Systems he directed the development of 3D print user experiences (printed products and apps to personalize them) to make 3D printing more relevant for consumers. 

I am passionate about personal health. As a biohacker myself,  I have for years been tinkering with measuring blood markers, experimenting with diets, supplements, and fitness protocols. I am also involved with the Quantified Self Community.

It is startling to see how little control people have over their own health. Being healthy isn't ‘mainstream’ yet. We have need for organisations that unlock diagnostic tools, tests, and true knowledge, and make it fun for ordinary people to take control and improve their own health. 

I am a part-time soccer player, music maker, illustrator, film maker and film watcher.