Karen Rauschenbach

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Karen Rauschenbach
Future Social Entrepreneur
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Zurich


I want to show my daughters (and myself) that women can do anything they want: may it be building planes, riding a motorcycle or starting a social enterprise.


After 15 successful and fun years in aerospace leading large international programs I decided to challenge myself. How can I capitalize on my business experience? Are there other ways of doing business? Can I use my strengths and energy to have a positive impact on the world? That's why I took a sabbatical to explore social entrepreneurship and ethical fashion.


My current project is to build an ethical fashion brand for women leaders that rock the (business) world. Creating suits for inspiring women and thereby introducing ethical fashion to the corporate world.


I am a positive, energetic, open minded and hands on person with a people oriented leadership style. Respect for each other and authenticity are my main values. My colleagues say I am not like a 'real German' anymore after I have been living and working around the world. Recently I moved to Switzerland where I enjoy the great outdoors, especially skiing. My biggest joy is to discover the world with my family.


In the THNK Creative Leadership Program I wish to learn about the elements of social change, to be challenged in my leadership style, to understand the elements to start and scale a venture and to have fun learning from a diverse and inspiring class 11.