Leanne Wirkkula

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 12

Leanne Wirkkula
Founder and Principal
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Minneapolis

My career in higher education has afforded many opportunities to traverse American public research universities and with every passing year, I am increasingly focused on assisting these unique institutions to thrive as agents of transformation for individuals, ideas, and communities. I am a strategist, a thought partner and counselor to leaders, and a coach. At present, I spend my time diagnosing a wide variety of organizational issues and challenges, which fuels a growing desire to explore how these educational institutions themselves can embody innovation and become more “deliberately developmental learning organizations” (Kegan, Lahey, Miller, Fleming and Helsing, 2016). I am passionate about authentic leadership, organizational development, dynamic strategy, and maximizing the power of people in higher education. Whether in my professional or personal life, I absolutely love to brainstorm and ideate—about anything and everything.

I am rejuvenated and fortified by outdoor activities (such as skiing, sailing, hiking, and cycling), travel, yoga and time with family and friends.