Leanne Wirkkula

Leanne Wirkkula
Vice President for Planning, Policy and Compliance
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Albany
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 12

My career in higher education has afforded many opportunities to traverse American public research universities and with every passing year, I am increasingly focused on assisting these unique institutions to thrive as agents of transformation for individuals, ideas, and communities. I am a strategist, a thought partner and counselor to leaders, and a coach. At present, I spend my time diagnosing a wide variety of organizational issues and challenges, which fuels a growing desire to explore how these educational institutions themselves can embody innovation and become more “deliberately developmental learning organizations” (Kegan, Lahey, Miller, Fleming and Helsing, 2016). I am passionate about authentic leadership, organizational development, dynamic strategy, and maximizing the power of people in higher education. Whether in my professional or personal life, I absolutely love to brainstorm and ideate—about anything and everything.


I am rejuvenated and fortified by outdoor activities (such as skiing, sailing, hiking, and cycling), travel, yoga and time with family and friends.


I am excited to become a THNKer! I look forward to the many new pathways it will spur in my life and to all of the ways it will expand my views, experience, connectivity, and opportunities for using my talents in service to improving our world. Leap and the net will appear, right? Every time I do I end up in the most fascinating circumstances--Can’t wait to see where this THNK journey will lead!