Lee Feldman

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 01

Lee Feldman
 Co-Founder & Partner
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was referred to THNK by Menno van Dijk.



I am a Co-Founder and Partner of the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Vancouver. Prior to this, I founded CycleSpace; co-founded and served as Chief Experience Officer of the digital agency Blast Radius (which went multinational 10 years after its beginnings in my apartment); mentored with Rockstart; was CMO of FITMO; and was a design sales consultant for IKEA Business.


The ideas that give me the biggest charge are atypical—not solely about communication, but about the power of corporations to drive and benefit from positive social change. I really do believe that brands, society, individuals, and the environment can all win. It’s possible. But to see and act on that possibility, you’ve got to do some unlearning, orchestrate a blank slate, and start from the beginning again. That’s the purpose of THNK.


I have been recognized with gold and silver Clios and mentions in Communication Arts Design Annuals and Marketing Magazine’s Top 100, and have contributed to numerous global design and awards panels.

How can we aspire to not just stop destroying, but heal the planet? Nobody talks about that. I’d like to do more than just save what’s left. I’d like to rejuvenate the planet and in turn, us. That’s the real opportunity space.