Leonoor Koole

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Leonoor Koole
Corporate Communications & Change
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

As a manager in corporate communications and change, I have over 20 years of strategic and hands-on experience in international organisations like INGGroup, NN Group and Tata Steel. My expertise is to support leadership in aligning employees with the purpose and strategy of the company. Strategies that will hopefully focus more and more on delivering added value to society at large.

Next to enjoying office life, I am a fervent sailor. Together with my husband I sailed halfway around the world: just two of us on a yacht, crossing oceans. Subsequently I got my commercially endorsed license in the US, which allows me to crew on large sailing boats professionally. Lessons learned at sea about reaching goals and navigating unknown waters, have proven useful in business and leadership.

Currently I am back home in Amsterdam, after living and working in Denmark, Dubai, France and the United States and traveling many countries.

Additionally, curiosity is one of my key values. With a special knack for science and technology. This was partly driven by my father who, as an IT system engineer for IBM, put me behind a screen in the early ’80-ies. Many hours got lost programming and gaming as a child. In the end everything turned out just fine and today I consider myself a creative, open minded, yet critical thinker –with acceptable screen time. And last but not least, I very much enjoy building relations with people from all walks of life. Preferably offline.

My personal motto is: dream and deliver!