Lieselotte Nooyen

Lieselotte Nooyen
Program Director, Faculty, & Coach
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Author, Faculty, Leadership Coach

What I believe:
I believe deep learning happens through deep relationships. Therefore I curate experiences where leaders can meet each other in full presence so the relationship can do its transformational work.

What I do:
I design, develop and facilitate leadership journeys for groups of senior leaders.

My qualities:
I am very skilled and experienced in designing experiences through which adults learn and grow, people in, and outside, my line of work ask me to help them do that.

In my facilitation, I have a good feel for where a group is at and can co-create with them in the moment to make change happen. I am curious, joyful, truth-seeking and nonjudgmental.

My background:
I am trained and certified as a personal coach, management skill trainer, instructional designer and am experienced in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching, meditation, voice dialogue, shamanism, Circling and family constellations.

I have also played and coached improvised theatre since 2001. I apply the lessons from improvised theatre from the stage to the workspace. I have developed a rich set of interactive learning experiences (called Eye Openers at THNK) that show you how to co-create when there is no script and ultimately how to thrive in a fast-changing world.

My mission:
I help individuals and teams remember who they are so they can do their most powerful work. I believe everything is interconnected and therefore I love to work for organizations that take responsibility and leave the world a better place.

I feel most fulfilled when I see a participant go from ‘screensaver mode’ into full aliveness.

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