Linzi Hawkin

THRIVE - Class 03

Linzi Hawkin
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: Jersey, United Kingdom
Other projects and organizations include: Ocean State of Mind Podcast
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I'm a creative strategist & environmental educator. My work is focused in the climate and ocean space collaborating with activists, brands and NGO’s to find innovative ways to create meaningful impact.

My love for all things ocean & outdoors has not only defined the path I've walked in life, but also the methodology I've created for my work. I try to remove people from screens, boardrooms and aircon, and plug them back into nature to spark curiosity and remind them why their work matters. I'm committed to working with purpose-driven organisations and showing businesses how to become a force for good. I do this with a focus on the triple bottom line business model and training in social impact analysis, design thinking and branding.

From teaching kids to surf, to running eco music festivals and working for the government in environmental awareness - the first ten years of my career were dedicated to creating memorable experiences that connect communities to the importance of nature.

Over the last 15 years I've designed award-winning environmental education curriculum, with a focus on experiential nature-based learning and a dedication to reframing the language and approach we take in catalysing pro-ecological behaviour.

Simply put - Keep it simple, keep it playful and make sure it means something.