Liselore Ammerlaan

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 06

Liselore Ammerlaan
Digital Orchestrator Founder
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was referred to THNK by Berend-Jan Hilberts.



As a transformation agent, I have been on the front row in experiencing how organizations are trying to adapt to new and ever changing environments over the past decade. In the different roles I have held in the 14 years working at IBM - I have experienced first hand how technological advancement is influencing our living environment constantly, and how it can be used to solve some of our planets largest challenges, like in water and energy management, as well as safety, healthcare and so on.


The possibilities and stakes are high, as well as the way it affects organizations and former structures. This led me to investigate and embrace - as one of the first in my company in 2009 - the strategy of becoming a Social Business; one that at its core is supported by more collaborative and transparent digital communication and leadership behavior.


Coming from a background where collaboration, knowledge-sharing and acknowledging informal connections between people have been the red ‘tread’ in all of my roles, I spent the last few years of my time at IBM defining the Social Business organizational ‘scope’ in which new business value can be derived trough facilitating the right connection between groups of people and individuals. In this period I led many internal and external projects that contributed to - amongst other things - IBM’s own maturity as a Social Business, as well as helping its customers do the same. I was part of the core team that worked to define the IBM 'Social Business Maturity Model'; a framework created to assess and help define companies' current and desired state in becoming a Social Business.


In May of this year I left IBM to open myself up to new inspiration and people, and am currently starting my own company. My Social Symphony specializes on the ‘why and how’ to get people in the organization to participate in a digital world and ‘what’ digital elements will generate the highest value at specific moments and in specific processes.


In addition, I have a big interest in helping to get more social enterprises see the light.

I am a mother of two children and live nearby Amsterdam.