Livia Tirone

Livia Tirone
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon
THNK connection: Author, Staff , AMS Class 03

I was referred to THNK by Menno van Dijk.

I am the curator for the THNK School of Creative Leadership location in Lisbon. My professional private practice path started with prototyping and spearheading sustainable construction in Portugal, designing and building over a period of 20 years 200+ dwellings and some commercial spaces. The excellent energy environmental performance of these buildings wasn’t enough to scale these practices in the Mediterranean region, while it did lead to high-level collaborations with the European Commission on energy efficiency legislation, on sustainable smart cities (5 years) and, later, on design leadership and innovation (2 years).

In the public domain, I was invited to define the strategy and run the Lisbon Energy and Environment Agency (5 years) and acted as elected councilor for the opposition in Lisbon Municipality (2,5 years), exploring the city’s needs. Understanding the relevance of trans-disciplinary consensus building in order to reach resilience at scale, I launched and coordinated the Sustainable Construction Living Lab, as a platform to engage relevant construction sector stakeholders including the end user, to facilitate the mainstreaming sustainable construction and urban resilience in Portugal (4 years). I also co-founded the Sustainable Construction Initiative, wrote and published the Portuguese reference publication and periodical on sustainable construction and promoted and moderated more than 100 workshops and lectures on this and related topics.

Diving deeper into Lisbon’s needs, I collaborated pro-bono in a strategic social innovation program for Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, the oldest, active, private charity in Portugal (3 years). Here I was able to explore resilience and interdependencies in practice, which contributed to the definition of THNK Lisbon’s operational model.

In THNK Amsterdam's inaugural program I was a forum guest on sustainability and went on to become a THNKer in class 3. In 2015 I co-founded the THNK Lisbon location with the vision: how may THNK contribute to broad renewable prosperity in the Mediterranean region.

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