Lucila Orsini

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Lucila Orsini
Senior Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Sao Paulo

I was born in São Paulo, the second child to a loving family. I went to a school where the traditional disciplines were as important as having experiences that would teach us about life, community, our impact on society and moral values. From a young age, I was taught to care about the human aspects of relationships, building rapport and trying to put myself on someone else’s shoes.

Fast forward 20 years, I can see how this played a key role to shape my professional attitude. I am constantly trying to understand the person behind the consumer, their needs, expectations, and worries. I am passionate about people and I am an advocate of customer centricity. I want to help companies design and deliver better services that can fulfill customers’ needs in a meaningful way.

Having studied Business Administration and working for banks for almost two decades, I believe we are only at the beginning of the so-called “digital transformation”. I want to develop my skills to help us rethink how we serve people’s needs, leveraging new technologies, data and social attributes, to build solutions that make customers’ lives better.