Luísa Almeida Serra

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 01

Luísa Almeida Serra
Ethics Ombudsman Advisor
at EDP
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Porto

I am a senior environmental analyst at EDP. Last year, I dedicated myself to frontier problems: externalities, resilience, water risk, climate change, supply chain issues, complex systems and shaping the future of business, among others. Simultaneously having other responsibilities, such as representing the company in several fora and working groups and being in charge of corporate report in the Carbon Disclosure Project and Water Disclosure Project.

I have an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Coimbra University, a Post-Grad in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University Lisbon, a MBA from Católica -Lisbon School of Business and Economics and have attended several courses of the MIT Portugal Program: Project Evaluation and Externalities, Ecological Economics, Economics and Energy management.


My first job was at MISART Project - Integrated Modelling of an Environmental, Rural and Touristic System, in which I was responsible for the Energy sector. My main tasks were: energy renewables project, Life Cycle Assessment, thermal comfort assessment of buildings, and integrated environmental and economic evaluation of agricultural systems. This first working experience has potentiated my capacity to work out interdisciplinary complex problems in multidisciplinary teams. Since then, I have worked in several multinationals in energy and transport sectors, always in a multidisciplinary and multinational environment.


From my teenage up, years my work has received several awards and recognition: “The youngsters and the environment” in 1986, 2nd place at the semi-finals of the National Chemistry Olympics in 1988, Research Award by Fórum Ambiente Caderno Verde in 2000, highest disclosure score in the Carbon Disclosure Project Iberian sample in 2012, among others.


I am interested in history and culture, speak fluent English, French, Italian, and satisfactory German and Chinese. I am passionate about learning, drawing, reading European comics, climbing, running and birdwatching. I like to make things happen and help transform other people lives. My dream is to live in a dynamic and thriving society, a society in which everyone has the opportunity to overachieve.