Lynn Zebeda

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 06

Lynn Zebeda
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I am a world citizen who loves to dive deep into the content, raise the bar on impact, and create spaces in which change can take place. For the last ~15 years I have been working internationally, traveling mainly between The Netherlands, East- and West-African countries, the Caribbean, and New York. The people I've met and the places I’ve seen left me with gratitude, many insights and many questions on how we can actualize all the potential for good around us.

Our agency, Dr. Monk--co-founded with fellow THNKer Ama van Dantzig and strengthened by a wonderful team spread out over Amsterdam and Accra--was designed to exist for exactly 10 years. We co-created interventions to catapult society into a more just, green, and compassionate future. Dr. Monk worked with clients and partners ranging from enterprises, to Nobel Prize winners, to Harvard University, to community groups across the African continent. Social acupuncture best described Dr. Monk’s work, as we aimed to work on exactly those interventions we believed would unleash larger shifts.

My current vehicle for impact is called Lighthouse, through which I am able to shape mind-expanding collaborations and conversations. I am also committed to a growing portfolio of (supervisory) board positions, each providing invaluable insights, experiences, and ways to have an impact.

I believe in leading with kindness, while remaining sharp when it comes to both injustices and opportunities for change. I’m frequently asked to interview, moderate, and speak on the topics that I am passionate about, including climate justice, systems change, and global equity. I am part of a warm multicultural family and live in a sustainable floating community in Amsterdam with my amazing partner and our fantastic young children.

I was nominated to become a THNKer by Sacha Carina van Ginhoven