Maddie Raedts

Maddie Raedts
Founder and Chief Compliance Officer
I am based in: Amsterdam
Other projects and organizations include: Forbes Agency Council and Forbes 30u30
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 17

My name is Maddie Raedts, 32 years old, living in Amsterdam but grew up in a very tiny town in the south of the Netherlands in a farmers family of 4 kids. Spend a lot of my time abroad, where I most recently spent 6 months living in LA, did a lot of time in New York, and traveled to numerous other places for both professional as private occasions which have definitely shaped my identity a lot. Ever since growing up looking for 'more'.

I am the founder & CCO of IMA, the leading global influencer marketing agency, which we started over a decade ago in 2010. While graduating from my BA of Arts, I saw the opportunity of using back then 'bloggers' and social media to reach & engage audiences. This became IMA and we now have over 100+ amazing team members across the globe, offices in Amsterdam, New York, LA, London, Singapore and Shanghai, and most importantly are leading the way how
global multinationals and brands are setting up their strategy for social media and influencer marketing.

I believe in the power of people, human2human connections, and therefore I do what I do. Social media has completely changed the way we consume, we behave and has given equal rights when it comes to creativity. Social media has made it possible for everyone to have a voice, and it has already fundamentally changed our culture. The current state of culture is shaped online and fully influenced and led by people. Most notably the younger generations like GenZ are reshaping the way we gather together, build identities, and discover or engage with brands and messaging today.

I'm an Aries, massive achiever, perfectionist, optimist, pilates-fanatic, sucker for beautiful aesthetics, design & culture, and love to be outside in nature with my loved ones for either a long walk, beach day or glass of red wine. As a leader, I value determination, integrity, courage, optimism, fairness, decisiveness, and focus. When somebody says you can't enter, I will enter, when everyone goes left, I would like to explore the right, just to double-check.