Marc Atrash

EMERGE - Class 07

Marc Atrash
Associate Director, Talent Development
My pronouns are: he/him/his
I am based in: Oakland
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Hi There! My name is Marc Atrash. I am based in Oakland California and work in the Advertising Industry. After briefly working as an Account Manager, I have spent my career working primarily in Learning & Development. I've found the role to be an excellent fit, as I have always enjoyed the process of developing people internal to the companies I've worked for. I believe it allows for the building of a deeper connection, and an equitable and respectful relationship. I am passionate about building relationships and empowering others. I value leaders who focus on the growth and development of their people above all else, even in cases where that development may lead people to pursue careers outside of their existing company. I believe in compassionate leadership, with a people-forward emphasis over a result (or business objective) driven culture. Outside of work, I avidly follow soccer (specifically Manchester United), and enjoy Video Games, Animation, & Music.