Marc Hammana

Marc Hammana
Leadership Coach | Trainer & Facilitator | Cultural Diversity Specialist
My pronouns are: he/him/his
I am based in: Barcelona
THNK connection: Business Coach, Leadership Coach

I help leaders unlock the innovation potential of their diverse, global teams.

My specialty is mining the gold of contrasting worldviews and channeling conflictive energy towards collective success. By creating psychological safety and igniting the continuous improvement conversations that tend to be avoided but which are crucial to moving forward, I aim to unify people and accelerate team results.

With 15 years of experience in building diverse high-performing teams across Europe, Asia and America, I’ve had the pleasure to facilitate large group interventions with over 150 participants on subjects like inclusive leadership, social intelligence, cultural awareness, and innovation.

Being raised with a mix of Dutch and Lebanese cultures, I grew up in France, studied in the Netherlands, and call Barcelona my home. My passions range from learning languages while exploring uncharted territory, to adrenaline-rushed (motor)sports and cultivating inner peace through martial arts, stoicism, or vipassana meditation.

If you seek to stretch your boundaries, increase your interpersonal impact, and lead from purpose across borders and cultures, get in touch. Happy to work with you in English, Spanish, French or Dutch!