Marc Rasmussen

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 17

Marc Rasmussen
Impact Investment Principal
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:

My roots are Northern European - born in Denmark and raised in the Netherlands and Germany, and I became used to moving frequently and adapting to new environments at an early age. Currently, I find myself living in Amsterdam with my girlfriend.

I am passionate about personal and planetary health and am entirely sure that the two are interconnected. So, after spending the first half of my career in environments where success was measured in monetary terms, I am now financing and supporting early-stage entrepreneurs with an impact mission. My current role is not a leadership position in the conventional sense but rather one where I lead change by enabling change leaders.

Working with sustainability and systems change in a world that seems blind to its most significant threat is, at times, energy-draining. That's why I love to recharge and connect with nature through outdoor activities (e.g. hiking or surfing). When confined to city life, I practice CrossFit, can occasionally be found on a yoga mat or in a football stadium and enjoy expanding my knowledge about biohacking. Also, I will probably never be too old to move to the rhythms of dance/house music surrounded by happy people.