Marcela Issa

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 17

Marcela Issa
Marketing and Sales Director
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: São Paulo, Brazil

I was born and raised in São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in America Latina, a very cosmopolitan and bright city. During my life I was always interested in living in other countries to experience cultural differences, so I had the opportunity to live in New Zealand, Argentina and France and I’m always looking for more.

I have always been passionate about branding and strategic communication so I pursued my degree in social communications and have a master's in business administration. Currently, I’m marketing and sales director at MAM Baby Brazil, a baby product company based in Austria. I was lucky to develop my career in the marketing field in many areas such as digital marketing, innovation and branding in companies of FMCG such as Nestlé, Coca Cola and 3 Corações (a leading Brazilian coffee company).

I’m very curious about art so I love to visit all kinds of exhibitions in my free time but also travel to nature, whenever possible, to be in contact with the sea. During my day to day activities, I take special pleasure in baking different types of breads.