Marco Abreu

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 08

Marco Abreu
Evolutionary Entrepreneur, Mentor, Facilitator
I am based in: Lisbon
Other projects and organizations include: Marco's website

Whole person. Father of three children. Partner in a love relationship since 1993. Born in Funchal in 1971 with a deep relation to nature.

Evolutionary facilitator, entrepreneur, and mentor. Co-Founder of The Stretch Consultancy, Fundação Nova Terra, and more than 12 adventures between companies, associations, cooperatives, and foundations (e.g. Safira, Darwin, and João Sem Medo). (De)formed in Computer Science Engineering at IST.UL 1994. MSD in Information Systems/Distributed Systems (e.g. internet) and started a Ph.D. in Organizational Design and Engineering. Since 2005, I've been developing competencies in entrepreneurship, participatory and collaborative leadership, and human development.