Margaret Rose

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 07

Margaret Rose
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Bath

I am a Lawyer and Civic Entrepreneur. With a Masters degree in Corporate Commercial Law, I specialize in public procurement law, anti-corruption and governance, and have practiced in the Commonwealth Caribbean since 1995. My public interest law firm, Rose Law Caribbean is the first virtual law firm in the Caribbean and represents citizens pursuing public interest matters and social entrepreneurs.


I have founded serial initiatives geared toward empowering citizens to become more effective in their engagement in public governance and as guardians of the public interest.


In 2006 I co-founded the Caribbean Procurement Institute (CPI), a leading provider of specialist procurement law and anti-corruption education, capacity building and consulting in the Caribbean and in 2008 the Caribbean Association of Procurement Professionals (CAPP) aimed at supporting policymakers, professionals and practitioners to become more fair, open, efficient and accountable in managing and spending public resources.


In 2013 I founded The Solution Is You (TSIY) Inc., and launched the U-Solve Social Entrepreneurship Incubator (SEI) Beta Project, providing technical, financial and legal support to Caribbean IDEs. One of the first incubated companies in the U-Solve SEI, Technology for Transparency (T4T) Inc., launched the Disclosure Today (DT)! – Transparency on Demand network that won the 2014 Global Social Entrepreneurship Initiative awarded by Transparency International (TI) and the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC).


My social passion currently lies in creating avenues for reframing the governance and development paradigms from centralized, top-down and expert-led to decentralized, bottom-up and innovation-driven. Through TSIY Inc., I hope to inspire others (particularly in developing countries) to connect with their social passions and to support them in developing scalable sustainable solutions to social challenges.