Maria d’Assunção

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 07

Maria d’Assunção
Head Strategist and Partner
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon

Sometimes you have to stop to progress. I have never stopped for 32 years in advertising; it was a passion.

The first years I just run like a sprinter. I won a worldwide creative media prize. I had the time of my life going around the world. I will always be grateful for J. Walter Thompson for nurturing my growth and letting me spread my wings. I have grown to be an organizer and have the ability to catch the soul of a project. I am good at shaping teams, motivating, and making people happy at work. I also know the don'ts and the change that is coming. I believe in creativity through the commitment of minds. Ideas grow up around ideas. I believe in method and teamwork. Leaders should be able to set simple rules everyone understands.

Although my professional life grew around advertising agencies – first in Frankfurt at Die Gruppe, where I was introduced to the marketing world, then at a local agency named COX, and at J. Walter Thompson – I first graduated with a degree in English and German literature. I was a very romantic dreamer and I wanted to be the best teacher in the world. But, the marketing person within myself won the professional choice.

During my mature professional life, I started growing the dream of owning a restaurant. I dreamed about a restaurant where people could feel as good as in their homes: cozy, friendly, and most important, familiar. With my best friend and my partner in life, Luis Carballo, we drew up a restaurant that fulfilled my dream and his dreams. Seven years ago, we brainstormed it. We built it. Today, we are very proud of our team and of our prizes, and we are especially happy for all the people around the world who have visited us repeatedly and keep recommending us, spreading the word of our business.

So, if you read these words, the best way to know me better is to show up at Taberna Moderna. There, I will tell you the stories of my love for my three kids, of my interest in contemporary painting and street art, and show you two of Bordallo II's masterpieces.