Maria Dayton

Maria Dayton
Co-Founder, Chief Customer Experience Officer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Los Angeles
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 09

I am a successful social entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in management and award-winning project development around the world. I am currently the CXO and co-founder of Transterra Media - an innovative online marketplace that is changing the way companies source news and marketing video. I have a proven track record of creating impactful projects with a multitude of stakeholders and providing disruptive technology solutions to entrepreneurs and civil society groups. I hold a BA in International Studies and Biology, as well as, MAs from both France and Egypt in International Relations, International Economic Development, and Middle East Studies.

I founded Transterra Media - an innovative online video news marketplace that connects thousands of global journalists with large media outlets. I am responsible for the establishment of all client networks, IT systems, and media development projects. Honors by: Red Herring, Wamda, The Dublin Web Summit, and listed by Mashables as a Top 25 Startup.

I have also developed, funded, and managed over 20 major development and IT projects on 4 continents ($40mil) with a variety of stakeholders including international organizations, governments, civil society, and the private sector.

I have extensive experience building public/private partnerships and civil society networks in difficult environments - as evidenced by the successful founding and incorporation of the first two NGO coalitions in the GCC. Additionally, I possess a deep understanding of public policy, fiscal processes, and advocacy efforts - including the founding of several international networks targeting changes in US and EU policy, which brought together civil society groups, international organizations, media, and the private sector.


I created online business and advocacy tools for female entrepreneurs in cooperation with Vital Voices Global Partnership, MEPI, Exxon Mobile, and Pearson Learning; along with coordinating the expansion of the UN Online Volunteers platform in Egypt by creating networks linking individuals, local NGOs, international organizations, and members of the private sector. Furthermore, with UNESCO, I relaunched the Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme - an innovative online platform bridging research, policy and practice by transferring relevant Social Sciences research findings and data to decision-makers and other stakeholders.


I am currently developing several projects that focus on how innovation can transform the social impact space through mobile technology, Fintech, alternative skilling platforms, and sourcing changes.