Maria Lorente-Perez

Maria Lorente-Perez
Faculty & Coach
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Madrid, Spain
Other projects and organizations include: New Worlds Group
THNK connection: Faculty, Leadership Coach

Curious and inquisitive, I wonder about the source of and the nature of everything that occurs in human relationships. How do conversations evolve, what they give rise to, what makes collaboration possible, how do we relate, and the outcome and impact of relationships in the wider system?

Passionate about enabling teams and individuals to develop their full potential, I am committed to the development of more resilient and conscious leaders and innovative organizations.

As an executive coach and Leadership & OD Consultant, I help clients bring their unique contribution through increasing their levels of awareness of themselves, their current context and future possibilities, and developing their capacity to lead change for sustainability in a complex world.

I am a certified Integral Coach, ICF PCC, and hold an MSc in Organizational Change (Ashridge). I am a Flow Game Host, practitioner of Dialogue, and a certified Gender Speak trainer.

An avid learner, I am a member and Chair of SoL Spain and Board Member of Global SoL (Society for Organizational Learning). I participate in the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and deliver experiential learning for Economics Students (USAL) to contribute to developing a more sustainable world.

I believe in the power of connection, learning from nature, human evolution, and acting with conscious intention from our place in the sacred hoop of life.