Mariam Aldouri

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 14

Mariam Aldouri
Group HR Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Kuwait

I was born and raised in Kuwait. I have a Business Degree, major in Management Information Systems from Kuwait University, and an MBA in Strategic Management from Maastricht School of Management (Kuwait Branch).

I am a qualified HR Strategic Management practitioner with an extensive focus on Performance Management. I have 13 years of experience, ranging from retail and corporate banking, and a wide exposure to different HR areas and corporate strategic areas.

I am a Certified Balanced scorecard practitioner (BSC), and Certified Credit Management (CCM), and Project Management Professional (PMP) candidate.

I have effective team management and project management skills to initiate, design, develop, and implement new or enhanced processes, tools, knowledge & skills, aiming at the delivery of objectives, followed by comprehensive impact measurement and recommendation. I am also a trainer in the area of performance management and Balanced Scorecard practice.

Currently, I am the Head of Human Capital and Communication department for a construction and building material company, which has a regional exposure and has about 4,500 employees. I also act as the DCEO advisor and corporate strategy facilitator.

I have demonstrated a track record of achievements based on my ability to work and communicate effectively with teams and stakeholders combined with a drive to succeed and drives change to the best interest of all parties.

My dream is to apply knowledge that has a drive for a positive impact on the society wherever I go and from any position I hold. An impact that can help people unleash their capabilities and improve their quality of life. My emotional intelligence assists me in that journey.

My endevor will focus on the recent organizational restructuring that had resulted in a merge between HR and the Marketing department. This philosophy is quite new in our region and not yet applied in Kuwait. This merger will impact the organization widely, where it will help streamline practices across the board in our regional locations and help induce the new brand and employer brand DNA in the culture. The vision is to be, act and voice as one group. This will also play a role in supporting the increase in numbers of local women in engineering and non-engineering positions that can play an actual role in strengthening the private sector and move Kuwait towards a strong and solid economy.  In an industry which is rigid in nature and dominated by men, it is exciting to explore ways to improve the perception of it as well as attract more women.


I was nominated to become a THNKer by Hussa Al Humaidhi