Marina Jepkes

THRIVE - Class 04

Marina Jepkes
International sales manager
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
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My name is Marina Jepkes, born and raised in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Always seeking challenges, in both my profession and in my personal life.

At a young age, I started travelling by myself. As a student, I went to South Africa and arranged to complete my internship over there. I love to explore different cultures and therefore I aimed to work on an international basis in the future and to learn different aspects within sales.

I love flying all over the world, so no one day is the same. I always try to stay true to myself and interact with people like the way I want them to treat me. To keep my personal life challenging as well, I love to travel to places that are harder to find, like the second biggest cave in the world (in the middle of the jungle in Vietnam) or doing some activities to get an adrenaline boost like ice climbing is Lapland or skydiving in an amazing natural setting.

Since Covid19 hits us, this has been challenging to do, but I also became a mom for the first time. This was a big challenge on itself, which I love!