Marjolein Boer

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Marjolein Boer
Innovation Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Rotterdam

I am an International Business Administration graduate, specialized in strategic marketing and innovation. I grew up with a maritime passion because of my father’s occupation and lost my heart to the fascinating port of Rotterdam already at a young age. In the role of Innovation Manager, I am responsible for encouraging innovation at Port of Rotterdam, both internally and externally. This means I get to work on the exciting goal of maintaining the smartest and most sustainable port in the world, on a daily basis. Stakeholder management and stimulating others to push themselves to get the most out of innovation initiatives, is everyday business. Curious by nature, I absolutely love the fact that - in this role - I get to ‘stick my nose’ in all innovation-related business in and around the port!


Typically me: I usually tend to choose the more challenging pathways for my learning experiences. During my studies I moved to Seville for 7 months for studying economics and entrepreneurship, without speaking a word of Spanish. After graduating, I chose to start my career in ‘non-sexy’ consumer goods (adhesives), as they do not market themselves. This is where I got a taste of the captivating world of innovation; several large-scale international product development and market introduction trajectories brought me to the conclusion that this makes my heart beat faster.


I am a true ‘pracademic’; I prefer to combine strategic insights with a practical and effective approach. I’m not easily thrown off balance and always pursue the best possible result.


In personal life I’m fond of the city of Rotterdam; always discovering new cultural and culinary initiatives and trying to unite young professionals working for the major companies of Rotterdam as a chairman of Rot.Jong. When I’m not around, I’m probably discovering new cultures around the world with my backpack. Aside from this I love to pass my time in the kitchen, preparing good food and enjoying great wines. To blow off steam I like to go cycling or practice yoga.