Mark Storm

Mark Storm
Service Line Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: The Hague
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During my curiosity-driven career, I have enjoyed many and, above all, diverse roles, ranging from marketing and publishing to executive leadership and consultancy.

As an independent thinker and sense-maker, I look at the world through different prisms, constantly asking, "Why is it like that and not like this?" so it was perhaps inevitable that making people stop and think – helping them make sense of what they see and experience and how they understand the world – would become the backbone of my work with senior executives and leadership teams.

I address what I consider the most important questions in life, such as "Who are you?" "Where are you heading?" and "How do you know?" Questions like these catalyze profound conversations about what it means to live and lead in times of unparalleled change.

By enabling people to have such critical conversations, both with themselves and about themselves, they become aware of what really matters and can begin to build their own capacity for change and self-renewal – a capacity that allows them to embrace complexity, to explore new territories and discover otherwise unimagined opportunities, and to move forward even when things are ambiguous and uncertain.

My curiosity is fluid and boundless; from cognitive science, social anthropology, and philosophy to architecture, art, and literature. I am also a practicing Stoic and express all these things and their seemingly odd connections through my work.

I live in the Netherlands where I share my life with Iris and our ten-year-old daughter.