Marta Szulc

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Marta Szulc
Senior Global External Communications Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I am native Polish, born and lived in Warsaw, Poland. In 2016 I have decided, together with my husband, to apply for a global position in Danone Nutricia and move to the Netherlands, together with our three children and two dogs.

My whole life I was engaged in different social/community initiatives – as a scout leader, volunteer and eventually an employee. I have always believed that I can change the world, make an impact and help others. Soon I became hungry for a bigger impact, a systemic change. Helping one person at a time, without influencing the system, seems to be never enough for me.

Personally, I always put my family first – my husband and I are together since we were 15 and I was very lucky to find in him my best friend, support and ultimate love. Having 3 children was our dream and as they were appearing, I was in the same time struggling to progress in my career. Eventually my husband discovered the joy of being a full-time home dad, pushed me to advance in my career, also from the financial stand point of view.

Therefore, I have moved from NGOs to business side, but keeping the drive and pursuing my ambition to make a positive impact in the society. It is very often challenging, but never boring. I hate doing things for the sake of doing – I am a true idealist that loves to be engaged, connected, and sharing positive energy.

I like to spend time with my husband and my family, at home. I also enjoy meeting friends, traveling and drinking with my crazy gals, discovering new places. When I have a rare few moments of relax, I like reading fantasy and nordic noir books, listening to movie soundtracks, watching movies. I like hiking and I love to reset in a quiet, distant places with minimum people around.