Martin Labrousse

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 12

Martin Labrousse
Freelance Consultant & Coach
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Paris

A few months ago, three colleagues told me, the same day, that I was 1) a catalyst, 2) a dreamer, and 3) a poet. That was really a great day (not all my days like that, you can be sure of that, but I really wish). More seriously, I’m just a human being who is very interested in - or even obsessed with - all topics related to innovation and transformation, and who deeply believes in these issues.

First, I had a career in the consulting business (management/strategy), then I discovered I could use my head (and my body) a bit differently using Design Thinking and other alternative approaches to find innovative solutions to problems, and more importantly, to make people find their own solutions. I’ve been developing those approaches for a few years, first within the bank I used to work at, and in the various projects I took part in (e.g. a project to enhance mobility of disabled people, a team board to reinforce empathy & team spirit, or self-development methodology using design thinking to reinvent yourself). And I still know that I want and I can learn a lot more about those topics - especially during the THNK program - because they can help people and society to become better through a more comprehensive mindset and enhanced creativity.

On top of that, I love music, improvisation, painting, and playing LEGO with my teenagers and my colleagues during creativity sessions. At this moment, I am starting my own business of consulting / coaching related to innovation and digital transformation.