Maryn Wallace

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 02

Maryn Wallace
Leader, Deloitte Private
I am based in: Vancouver

Throughout my career, there has always been a common thread—building meaningful connections in order to achieve positive change. From academic and charitable institutions to startups and corporations—I am a proven strategist and business development leader.

The first decade of my career was focused on developing campaigns to engage and inspire action in support of Vancouver’s largest charitable and academic institutions such as the University of British Columbia and United Way.

Fuelled by the firm belief that innovation is key to advancing our societal and business challenges, I joined THNK School of Creative Leadership as a founding member of Vancouver’s leadership team in 2014.

In my role as Engagement Director, I focused on getting into the hearts and minds of our organization's partners, helping their teams embrace change, become more nimble and prepare for the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Building upon my experiences as a staff member and participant at THNK, I joined Deloitte in 2017 to help lead the development of Deloitte Private, a prominent arm of the firm designed specifically to advance the growth of small and medium enterprises—the engines of the Canadian economy. Working in collaboration with practitioners from across service lines, I focus on supporting the unique needs and aspirations of executive teams, high net worth families and entrepreneurs.