Mattijs van de Weijer

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Mattijs van de Weijer
Group Director Risk & Compliance at Graydon
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was referred to THNK by Mark Beekman.



I'm working for Graydon, which is a B-to-B business information provider. We are market leaders in the Netherlands and Belgium, founded over 125 ago but constantly changing and improving ourselves. Within Graydon I’m responsible for the fastest growing business line (in total there are 3 lines) Risk and Compliance. My official title is Group Director of Risk and Compliance, but I like to see myself more as one of the team members who enables all my colleagues in making the best out of themselves and out of the business.


Besides work, I'm happily married (almost 2 years now) and I live in Amsterdam. I like to do all kinds of sports, as long there is a ball involved. I have played field hockey all my life, I love to play squash, football, golf and try out new sports such as padel tennis. I love to cook, try out new types of food and loved to get inspired with new cultures. I like to travel, and wish I could to it more often. I grew up in a warm and rather big family. I have one brother who is a year younger than me, and 2 sisters, one isn't even a year older than me and one who is 3 years younger. So we really have a strong connection, and have a lot of fun together.


My personal goal in life is to spread happiness, making people who are close by happy and inspire others to follow. If an individual is happy and they aren't able to share their happiness, the magic gets lost. I like to see myself as a positive person who looks at the positive side of things and always is aiming for new opportunities.