Mercedes de Miranda

Mercedes de Miranda
Endeavor Coach
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Austin
THNK connection: Faculty


I have a general management background with a strong experience in developing and implementing new businesses, as well as growing businesses beyond the early stages. I have gained this experience while working in a number of different positions, ranging from consultant, to business development manager, managing director of operations and finance director and has held a number of board positions. I have experience in both the profit and non-profit sector and have been active in both corporate and the startup settings.


I enjoy working in start-up and business development settings, I am good at working with people with diverse backgrounds, have an explorative mindset which allows me to always see new opportunities and combines this with logical thinking. Next to exploring new opportunities, I am keen on helping others to achieve their goals.


During the course of my work life, I have always been guided to shape my work in industries that I have passion for and where there is growth in the market, as this creates opportunities for exploration and innovation. This led to being involved in the early stages of the television, musical an internet industries while at Endemol Entertainment and working on CSR and employee engagement at social venture Robin Good.


Currently, I have two areas that I am particularly focusing on. In the broad sense the future of work and helping others to shape their work. This involves working with individuals and groups to either develop or grow their own business. The second area of interest is social entrepreneurship, sustainability and shared value. In this area I am involved as entrepreneur with shaping new ventures and is exploring investment opportunities.


I hold a BSc in Industrial Engineering from LSU and MBA from the Wharton Business School.


My broad background and interests match very well with my role as THNK Acceleration mentor, where I work with the participants to start and accelerate their ventures.


My hobbies include tennis, walking in nature, reading, setting up holiday weekends for family and friends and dancing.  I have traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and Central and South America. I was born in Suriname and moved to the Netherlands after my studies in the USA.