Mia Anderson

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 12

I am an international consultant on sustainable social impact, specializing in conflict transformation, human rights education, and designing innovative education solutions in fragility and emergencies. I also work as a mediator in multilateral negotiations related to leadership and community development. The most unique about my work in the world is that I find ways to always include my children, believing that it not only creates deeper connections with the people I seek to support and empower but also serves as the best possible peacemaking-centered education for them.

In 2011, I started a global education co-operative - Escuela Pura Vida del Mundo and in 2013, I launched The Freedom Pride, a social enterprise that seeks to synergize global citizenship, promote human rights education, and humanize capitalism. I hope to continue expanding these endeavors to their full potential through my participation at THNK.

I am based in San Francisco, California with my husband, Jeff, and children, Isabella, Josephina, Dominic, and Rocket. We plan to continue adding to our family through adoption.