Michael Lang

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 05

Michael Lang
Business Designer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Munich
Other projects and organizations include: Toastmasters

I am a passionate business designer and innovation strategist.

My interdisciplinary background allows me to move between business, design and technology. In the past I worked as a management consultant and business innovator for large corporates like Schaeffler, Siemens and Airbus.

My passion is supporting people and organizations to achieve their fullest potential by consulting, coaching and training. In my free time I help people improving their speaking skills at Toastmasters and coaches students to find their dream career at the non-profit organization ROCK YOUR LIFE!

I hold an MSc in Business Informatics. My dissertation focuses on disruptive business innovation and how to overcome the dominant logic to unleash new possibilities.

Currently I am building an innovation consulting venture Boom! Innovation in Europe. We are building a team of curious minds and hearts helping organizations solve their toughest challenges and create lasting change by unleashing their unique innovation potential.