Michael Radke

Michael Radke
Founder, Chief Strategist, Impact Designer, Experience Connoisseur
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: San Francisco
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I am the Director of Special Projects at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. I have had the opportunity to see the amazing potential of informal learning organizations to fundamentally change the way people think about and approach a topic. After a series of serendipitous encounters and projects, I combined the science center model with my desire to improve the way humanity works together, to co-found The Ubuntu Center. As CEO I am helping to create innovative paths that bring people together to explore what it means to be human. My driving purpose is to create a more stable, peaceful world by building understanding between people.


I hold an MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology from Brunel University in London. My dissertation focused on an investigation of the cultural values in non-violent political movements; a project that took me to the Townships of South Africa, Tibetan refugee communities, and the living rooms of veterans of the US Civil Rights movement. This research is the genesis of my current work.

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