Michaela Kroemer

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Michaela Kroemer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was referred to THNK by Christof Hawle.



I am a creative mind who loves to connect dots, in particular those which cannot be connected via a straight line.


My passion for invention is also why I am quite excited about my current transition from the life as a litigation lawyer to being a social entrepreneur. Together with Christof Hawle, I have founded DELITELABS - a startup school for refugees, recent migrants and locals. I feel privileged for the opportunity to start this exciting venture, as it allows me to be surrounded by many crazy ideas and to work closely with people who have entirely different cultural footprints and life experiences than mine. Prior to DELITELABS, I worked in international arbitration, was a lecturer at the University of Vienna, engaged in numerous human rights projects and worked as a child care taker in children’s homes in Europe and Russia.


Besides supporting my students at DELITELABS in their innovation processes, I love the dance of negotiation which I was grateful to learn a lot about during me studies at Harvard Law School, and in my work as a mediator. I am generally happy to engage in conversations of any kind, preferably at a bar later in the night or over many cups of coffee. In addition to working and traveling in many different countries, I enjoy exploring the world in a non-verbal manner through dancing. My travel and book lists are never ending and I am always happy to add on to that list. I often relax in nature or over a good shared joke.