Michele Ernsting

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 04

Michele Ernsting
Director of Non-profit Programs
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: Amsterdam

I started out as a journalist and ended up working on digital transformation in the non-profit sector. Perhaps that's not surprising given the rise of the digital space as a key place to get and share info and exercise influence.

I've worked with teams around the world to build digital communities to support sexual health, civic engagement, and reconciliation, serving tens of millions of people in some of the most polarized societies. This allows me to indulge my passion for understanding what makes people tick. I'm constantly surprised and delighted by what people build when they collaborate with unexpected allies.

I admire leaders who invite engagement and ensure everyone is heard. When I'm not working, I'm tending my own tiny communities of children, friends, pets, and bees.