Michell Zappa

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 04

Michell Zappa
Visiting Faculty
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: São Paulo
Other projects and organizations include: Envisioning

I am a futurist and technology advisor. I study accelerating change, and frequently brief policy-makers and organizations on how to manage technological disruption.

Born in Stockholm, raised in São Paulo – and having lived and worked around the world – I am global by default. I first joined THNK as faculty, introducing technology thinking for classes 2 and 3. After an irrefusable invitation, I further joined as a participant and have remained closely linked to the school since.

I believe everything is accelerating. For over a century, information technologies have steadily been picking up speed, doubling in capacity every couple of years. This quietly accumulating effect is now beginning to bring upheaval to industries and institutions in every sector.

My work explores the causes and consequences of accelerating change and the effects technology has on society at large. I employ information design, interactive tools, historical narratives, and technology thinking to help people prepare for the imminent future.

I have given keynote presentations in more than 20 cities worldwide and worked with T-Mobile, LEGO, JWT, as well as the Swiss Army, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, and the Government of Canada. My freely available information design work has been cited by Wired, Taschen, the Guardian, and Fast Company and been used by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

I care intensely about our future and encourage people to do the same. Through my work, I want to help people prepare for, and build, better futures.

I was nominated to become a THNKer by Judith Frankenhuis