Miguel Soto

THRIVE - Class 05

Miguel Soto
Senior Campaigner
My pronouns are: he/him/his
I am based in: Mexico City
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I am a journalist and have been working on campaigning, activism and advocacy issues related to climate change, social justice and human rights for more than 10 years. Since I was a journalist I felt the need to do something with all the information I was investigating in order to achieve positive change for society. In this position one is usually quite controlled by the media owners or the state, so I decided to change and moved into activism.

One of the key moments in my career occurred when I was arbitrarily detained in a "democratic" country simply because of my physical appearance, when that happened, some young activists and volunteers from some organization helped me selflessly and that changed my perspective. The situation in my country also moves myself to be a better global citizen.

I have been a campaigner for several years now and have had the privilege of accompanying the defense of rural and indigenous organizations and communities in my country and abroad, in international forums at the United Nations, with the media and I have written some articles on issues of human rights and social change. Today I campaign for a global organization from Mexico City.