Milagros Aleman

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Born and raised in Venezuela, I have an optimistic view on life and infuse passion on any project I take on. While pursuing my college degree, I worked as a copywriter and held junior roles in PR and advertising. This last experience brought me a Marketing position with Mattel Venezuela’s launch team which changed the course of my career into an unforeseen adventure that took me from Caracas to Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Miami and Amsterdam lasting more than a decade.

My curiosity and wishes to further improve professionally took me from Amsterdam, my newly found home, to Berlin a vibrant city that embodies history, tragedy, progress and more than anything resilience. There I learned about a new industry, fostered strong relationships and acquired new skills.

After leading the Northern European brand operations for Nickelodeon’s linear and digital business, I returned to Amsterdam and decided to join THNK and explore the question of “what’s next” for me as a leader and professional.

The path to get to this point has been a series of steps taken with the idea of self-improvement while contributing to an organization with a mission I believe in. At the same time, every step that I have taken had been one that implied change and flexibility to adapt to a different culture, way of living and/or organization. I feel that the range of opportunities I have taken have brought challenges that made me stronger, wiser and capable of appreciating the value of learning from mistakes. From Venezuela to The Netherlands, resilience has kept me going and I am writing my next chapter.

I am currently functioning as a business coach and consultant on branding, marketing and global business strategies; as well as an endeavor coach at THNK. I am also collaborating with Class 11’s Kattie Capozza on our own new venture. Stay tuned!