Mo Asgari

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 02

Mo Asgari
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Vancouver


I am an expert at aligning technology development and corporate strategy to anticipate, shape and lead major market trends. As President of MonkeyMediaSoftware, I direct technology and operational innovation across the company. I am responsible for the day‐to‐day operations for the company including sales, operations, growth initiatives and investments in strategic alliances. Customer success is my first priority and is the groundwork of the culture that I set with my team. I am passionate about helping customers achieve high levels of accomplishment and productivity through the use of technology inside organizations. Mo’s emphasis on leadership and people development is geared towards creating an inclusive, diverse workspace where everyone can contribute and reach their full potential.


As professional manager with over 25 years of Software Development and Technology experience, most of my career has been spent in an executive technology management role developing and managing products ranging from an extensive enterprise solution, to corporate wide client‐server solutions, to an off‐the‐shelf consumer based solution. I stay current with new and upcoming technologies and measure their potential application to current and future products.

I am results-oriented, energetic, with entrepreneurial spirit, thriving on new challenges and opportunities, with the ability to wear different hats and properly communicates information to individuals with different backgrounds and focus areas. I have proven success attracting and retaining technical and non‐technical resources, allowing me to build dynamic teams in a variety of company structures/environments, and defining technical and operational processes to help those teams be highly effective.  As a volunteer high school coach, my leadership and coaching skills transcend into my professional world motivating my teams to manoeuvre difficult, changing, fast paced environments.