Mohammad Shahidul Huq

THRIVE - Class 02

Mohammad Shahidul Huq
Senior Relationship Manager (First Assistant Vice President)
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Dhaka
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I am from Brahmonabria, Bangladesh, presently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I work in a private commercial bank as Senior Relationship Manager with a focal point on sustainable finance.

One event that changed my life professionally happened 15 years ago when I was transferred to the marketing department from the back office. It was challenging to book new clients for banks. At the end of my first year in my new role, I found myself as the lowest performer among the seven members of my team. My boss sat with me and suggested being a leader, not the achiever of business targets. I was very much motivated by my superior's advice and kept exploring the market. There were many pains and hurdles, but at last, I became the top performer on the team for three consecutive years and I became the united head.

Work is worship for me. I love doing what is assigned to me. I love listening to music and traveling. While traveling I interact with nature and people that shape my professional marketing skills and affinity to nature. Being a leader, I value quality work and good workers. In my leisure time, I play with my only child, gossip with friends, and go on outings with the whole family.