Mona Ammoura

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 14

Mona Ammoura
Regional Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Riyadh
Other projects and organizations include: EVENTS AVP Vimeo

Growing up in the Middle East in a non-traditional family brought about a unique mix of challenges and limitations that in the end made me adopt a survival mentality most of the time. Out of scarcity, comes creativity, and out of nonpossibility comes an acute “I’ll learn it all” attitude that saves your day and propels you in the direction of your goals.

In my career, the level of my self- accountability brought towards me higher responsibilities and attracted a diverse set of tasks that were thrown my way in key projects. In an environment where anything and everything can go wrong, being quick, decisive and logical needs to be your second nature. Now, I see this dynamic as the main element of my professional strength, that I will rely on to reaching our goal of mass events production and being able to create a positive influence through targeted events with new concepts.

On the personal side, I’m wired to add value to people around me, whether it’s family, friends or colleagues, I always try to take part in their progress journey. I think it’s the right time for me to join THNK leadership program to upgrade my game.