Mpho Loliwe

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Mpho Loliwe
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Johannesburg

I was born and raised in the Free State province of South Africa many years ago and I grew up with a love for international travel. This was at a time when travel management was still a rare career option in our country, all I knew was that I would love to leave the South African shores to experience other cultures. This love was augmented by encouragement from a response to a job application to the national airline carrier (South African Airways) at the age of 15 or 16; I became resolute that I wanted to study travel and tourism management when I completed high school.

With strict parents who expected one to study towards a traditional career, I came home with a divergent plan from what was agreed upon, to parental shock I had registered for a travel and tourism qualification. Needless to say, my parents never understood what role I will be fulfilling career-wise with such a qualification. They were in for a massive surprise!

After graduating and working for a few organizations and a few trips international trips later, I realized that my passion lies in customization of experiences for my clients more than my individual travel experience. The personalization of experiences meant I had to upgrade my industry knowledge and education, customer service skills and work for an organization that resonated with my values.

In 2003 the opportunity to work for such an organization presented itself when I opened my own travel company, Tirisano Travel. Through this company, I had the prospect to render a professional, quality infused and customer tailored travel service to corporate travelers surrounded by a skilled team that shares similar objectives and values. Tirisano Travel still provides tailored services in corporate travel; meetings and conferences management to a select few customers.

Different stages of personal development bring varying perspectives. In 2015 my focus broadened to include social entrepreneurship. The passion I possess for service and product customization evolved to community social needs solutions. I am pursuing access to greener, sustainable and affordable solutions of menstrual products that will receive positive community adoption and scalability.

I enjoy seeing the prosperity of those around me. I contribute towards this by providing internship and mentoring programs in travel management to young graduates and at home I immerse myself in future plans of my immediate family. I find pleasure in planning the next business idea. I believe THNK will unleash the hidden skills in me to see the realization of the many ideas and passions I possess.