Mthunzi Plaatjie

Mthunzi Plaatjie
Managing Director
I am based in: Cape Town
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 15

Molweni! (Hello in my language, Xhosa) My name is Mthunzi Plaatjie and I currently live in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m a father to two amazing kids Kuhle (boy) and Ande (girl). My kids are the best thing that has ever happened to me and witnessing them grow has been an absolute joy.

I’m a Managing Director and partner in South Africa’s largest black-owned advertising agency. I’m fortunate and privileged to be doing what I’m doing as we’re are a pioneering transformation within South Africa’s communications industry and this will lead to more previously disadvantaged kids getting more chances to make it in the communications sector. I’m passionate about people, particularly the advancement of people and this allows me to lead and inspire my team to be better each day! The advancement of my people means the advancement of my business and society as a whole.

I’m in process of starting a programme targeted at boys. The organization is called #HeMatters and is aimed at developing boys’ emotional intelligence which is a major deficiency in South Africa. Our country’s gender violence is shockingly high and I think one of the key factors of this is due to boys growing up into young men who don’t know how to act or treat their fellow women counterparts. A large generation, but I believe if my organization can succeed in developing boys’ emotional intelligence at a young age, this will then assist in eradicating violence against women in my country.