Nancy Pon

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 02

Nancy Pon
General Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Shanghai


As Sizzle Maker for PZAZD, I am currently obsessed with how to influence social behaviors through the combination of business, public service and experiential platforms.

Besides being labeled ‘The Garbage Lady’ for creating an environmental campaign, I was also labeled “China’s Fitness Queen” for being the founder of a health campaign launched in June 2011, which has since reached over 1 billion taxi passengers with its videos.  In a surprise social media twist, my acting as the onscreen exercise coach, Jian Jian Jie, made me a focus of public interest.  I have since converted that interest into sharing insights with various business chambers (AmCham, CanCham, GermanCham, AustCham, BenCham), companies (Microsoft, General Motors, Pfizer), conferences (TEDx, Rotary, World PR Forum) and numerous student undergraduate, MBA and EMBA groups spanning the UK, Mexico, Canada, and US.

My obsession with building stronger communities is a result of 20 years of professional experience in communications, marketing, project management, hospitality and large scale international events spanning the diverse industries of transportation, sports, entertainment and media.
With academic training from engineering and foundation studies in fine arts, my real-life training has spanned North American and China working in private, public, state owned companies before setting up my own operation, PZAZD.  I helped establish the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai in 2008 as one of the Founding Board Members and continues to serve on the Advisory Council to the Board.

Outside of the business world, I have staged three major solo exhibitions as a professional artist and traveled to over 30 countries in my search for new ideas and experiences.